Tips to take care of the hairless eyelashes

Tips to take care of the hairless eyelashes

Eyelash extensions have become a popular choice among women, since in a few minutes they allow you to have lashes twice as long and beautiful without the need to use mascara. These extensions of lashes are semi-permanent and last up to 3 months, as long as we give them the necessary care. For this here we leave you some tips that you can follow to make your eyelashes stay in perfect condition:

  • Never forget to do the maintenance: In order to keep your eyelashes in perfect condition it is essential to do a good maintenance. Natural eyelashes have a natural cycle of between 60 to 90 days, so it is advisable to do a retouch 15 or 20 days after the first application.
  • Do not wet them during the first 24 hours: In the first 24 hours after application, keep the extensions completely dry, they should not have contact with the water since the glue needs time to dry properly. After the first day, everything returns to normal.
  • Do not try to remove them yourself: Do not try to detach or remove the extensions yourself, this procedure must be done by a specialist with a special remover, otherwise you will cause damage to your natural eyelashes.
  • Clean your eyelashes: you must clean your eyelashes daily. The eyelashes have the function of protecting the eyes, so it is important to keep them clean. Do not use products with oils near the eyes since the oil removes the adhesive from the eyelash extensions and this causes them to fall off earlier.

We hope that all these tips are useful and put them into practice so that your lashes are kept in perfect condition and last longer.

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